About Lex - The Art of Admissions

Lex Filipowski is the President and owner of The Art of Admissions.  Lex began his sales career over 30 years ago and brings a wealth of experience to the schools he works with. 

Lex has worked in a wide range of sales environments including big corporate massage therapy and career schools, as well as with small privately owned massage therapy schools.  

Lex was also the Director of Admissions at the first Cortiva Massage Therapy School in the U.S. and lead that school to the biggest start in their history.

Lex has been studying personal empowerment and human potential for over 28 years and his vision and goal is to help empower people to live ad express their full potential and to live fulfilled and happy lives. Lex is also a Motivational/Transformational speaker.

Lex presently offers his admissions and marketing services to exceptionalschools throughout the world.

Lex is also the recipient of 5 Grammy Awards as a pianist and composer and has performed throughoutthe U.S. and a wee bit of Europe.

 Our next step would be to have a conversation and see if we would be a match.

"When we work with a school, we put our entire Body, Mind and Spirit into what we do!"

"Your Success is Our Business."

I look forward to speaking with you and exploring the possibilities of how we can serve you.

Lex Filipowski


The Art of Admissions

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