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Our Services


This is Lex and I work with schools from the East Coast to the West Coast and in between and have helped them increase their enrollments.
I've helped schools increase their enrollments from 25% to as much as 400% over previous class starts.
You're an expert in offering your students an exceptional education.
I'm an expert in helping you increase your enrollments.
If you're ready to optimize your admissions processes so you can BE VERY successful in this market, then I encourage you to contact me so we can see how I can help you increase YOUR enrollments for 2015 and beyond.

What We Do

1. We do a complete assessment of your admissions processes and review your website and all marketing materials from A-Z.

2.We train your admissions staff in proven, truth-centered, proactive processes that will jump start your enrollments to the next level.

3. We not only offer you highly effective new processes, we create a plan of action for you to help you reach your short, mid and long term start goals

.4. We offer you on-going off-site support which is extremely effective in helping your admissions staff integrate the new admissions perspectives making your admissions staff more and more effective.

5. We help create truthful, dynamic and effective marketing for your school.


The marketplace has changed and so many schools are struggling to meet their enrollment goals.

When there are millions of people who are considering furthering their education throughout the country.   Why the struggle to enroll more students?  People lead much more active lives than they used to just a few years ago and a school needs to work with the latest, most effective follow-up perspectives to connect and inspire more of their inquiries to take action on their dreams.

So many schools focus on giving prospective students information.

So many people in admissions don't realize that information alone doesn't inspire someone to take the next step.

Personal connection and receiving highly supportive, leading edge coaching can inspire someone to move from "thinking about it" to actually taking the next step toward fulfilling their dream.

We give your admissions team incredibly powerful training in "The Art of Inspiration" and the art of helping people move past their perceived fears and obstacles.