Our Services Part 1/2

The Appointment Experts



Would You Like More Contacts, More Appointments and More Shows from Your Leads?

We can call all of your new leads for you. 

Using our powerful lead contact process, we contact your leads, schedule appointments and inspire those appointments to show. 


Leads are contacted immediately 7 days a week with extended hours and on most holidays.

We use a highly optimized ,proprietary contact strategy including  calls, texts, emails, personalized video texts, video emails and  live video chat.

Our appointment setting team is highly trained to use profoundly powerful, inspirational and dynamic scripts.

Compliance and transparency is extremely important to us. Our scripts and systems are continually refined to ensure we are staying within the laws and regulations of your regulatory institutions.

Proven results in higher ROI on your marketing spend which will result in happier admissions reps, more contacts, more appointments, more shows and most importantly, more students in your school.

The Art of Admissions Consulting and Training


Are you struggling to achieve your start goals?

Would you like to enroll more students in your school?  We can help you!

We have a proven tracked record in helping schools enroll more students.  

We can help you and your admissions staff to optimize every aspect of your admissions process including: 

1. Increasing Contacts 

2. Increasing appointment setting

3. Increasing your show rate

4. Increasing applications when a prospective student tours

5. Increasing your start rate

6. Increasing your retention rate

The bottom line result for you:  More Students In Your School. Period.

Simply call or text us now and let's explore how we can help you enroll more students in your school.

Direct: 201-953-9984

E-Mail: Lex@TheArtofAdmissions.com

The Art of Admissions University Online Interactive Video Admissions Training



Online Video Admissions Training Course 

Over 50 engaging training videos, ranging from 3-10 minutes each with new videos being added each week.

The Art of Admissions University's Online Admissions Video Training Program will train your admissions staff in all the necessary admissions skills and processes to increase your conversions and enrollments, including front desk management, working leads, making more contacts, getting more appointment and shows, giving the perfect interview and tour and inspiring more applicants to start, stay and graduate at your school

Extremely important and effective training for your admissions reps, DOAs, front desk and campus leadership. 

For a Limited Time, Your Subscription Will Include a Live Weekly Interactive Video Admissions Mastermind Training If You Sign Up Today!

During the weekly Mastermind Trainings, Top experts will cover the most effective and cutting edge admissions and marketing skills and trends, along with highly effective coaching and training tips.

Special guests will join periodically to offer their expert advice.

Admissions reps will be able to ask questions directly via call-in, live video, chat or email.

Every question will be answered and the show doesn’t end until all questions are answered.

All videos are recorded and accessible to subscription members.

Our Services Part 2/2

The Lead Miners


   “We Mine Your Old Leads for Shows”

As part of The Appointment Experts services, you give us old leads as far
back as you want.

We are set up to effectively work 500 leads, 5,000 leads, 50,000 leads, 500,000 leads or 5,000,000 lead or more.

We’ll effectively mine your leads for shows using our proprietary lead nurturing and contact system.

We have found that many of the leads that didn’t start school in the past, are now in the market to attend school, which will bring you a bonus of enrollments.

Virtual Director of Admissions


Virtual Admissions DOA 

Great for small  to medium sized admissions teams that need extra oversight. 

One of our highly experienced admissions consultants will provide daily monitoring of your admissions teams, including reviewing metrics, generating performance goals, providing motivation and offering coaching and mentoring.

The Virtual Admissions DOA will ensure you're reaching your start goals. • Virtual Admissions Manager
◦ Similar to the Virtual Admissions DOA, our Virtual Admissions Manager will provide oversight and daily management to your DOA at one or more

Mystery Shopping


We will perform mystery shopping calls to your campuses.  You will learn key insights as to how your admissions staff can optimize their conversations  so they can create more appointments and shows.  We'll also give you a full analysis as well as a live coaching call with you of the recorded calls